London Animal Care Centre, bringing people and pets together.

London Animal Care Centre – Municipal Animal Services

Donations are gratefully accepted and always put to good use.

We welcome the opportunity to work with members of the media and other friends in the London Community.

In addition, we are forever grateful for all the excellent work our local animal rescues do inside and outside the City of London that also help improve animal welfare in our community.

Our goals include increasing pet adoption across London and helping to make sure lost pets find their way "home safe again" to their families.

Media Commentary

We are available for comment on a variety of pet-related issues and we have greatly appreciated the media opportunities we have had in the past to feature adoptable pets.


We are also available for classroom presentations for elementary and secondary schools as well as open to speaking engagements for a variety of groups.

Off Leash Dog Parks

Here is some information about locations, rules and etiquette.

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