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Your Pet's License

A tag (which bears a traceable number) securely affixed to a strong collar will ensure that if your pet strays, the finder will know that it belongs to someone who cares about their pet. Every Dog license & Cat identification tag carries an identification number and the telephone number of London Animal Care Centre. We answer our telephone 24 hours a day, every day. Often times we are able to match an owner to the finder without any delay. Owners who have provided a cell phone number for their pet’s file have even had their pet returned to them through this service while on vacation outside of London, Ontario, and even the country. A frantic pet owner appreciates the speedy return of their pet.

Our "Home Safe Program" or "Free Ride Home" program was developed specially for dogs and cats that are currently registered with the City of London and wearing their tags. Your pet will get loose at some point. It may happen when your pet is frightened by the constant doorbell on Halloween night, or on the evening when the City is lit up with noisy fireworks or when an unexpected guest arrives, opens your door and startles your pet. If your pet is wearing its current City of London identification, LACC will return your pet directly to your door free of charge the first time. The peace of mind knowing that your pet will be returned if found running stray makes the purchase of a dog license or Cat identification tag a worthwhile investment.