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Cat Identification

First time cat licenses can be done at the shelter, online, or via home visit by an Animal Services Officer
Fees for First Time Cat Licenses

January 1st to July 1st

Spayed/ Neutered

$25 /cat

Cats Acquired or Moved Into London After July 1st

Spayed/ Neutered

$17 /cat
  • To receive the reduced rate for a spayed, neutered, & microchipped pet, you must provide proof of surgery & microchipping at the time you purchase your pet's license or identification. This is an invoice for the surgery/microchipping from your veterinarian. If you are unable to find your receipt, your vet should be able to provide a copy.
  • Senior owners receive a discount of $5 /cat. To qualify for this discount the primary owner listed on the animal’s registration must be 65 years of age or older. Please advise our office of the Senior Owner status, in print or over the phone, whenever you are registering your pets.
  • Please bring with you breed documentation, current rabies vaccination documentation and proof of spay and neuter and microchipping if applicable.
  • Failure to purchase a dog license or cat identification can result in penalties (increased license fee, an AMP fine amount or court action).