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London Animal Care Centre does not respond to healthy wildlife. If the wildlife is sick or injured please contact us at 519-685-1330.

The Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Educations Centre Inc. can be reached at 519-264-2440, as well as the Toronto Wildlife Centre at 416-631-0662.

The Canadian Association for Humane Trapping (CAHT) is a charitable, non-profit organization that constructively works towards abolishing the suffering imposed on wild animals by the devices or trapping systems that are used to capture them. The following wildlife fact sheets have been provided by them;

The following fact sheets have been provided by the Ontario SPCA and may assist you in determining if a wild animal is in need of help;

How to help sick, injured or orphaned wildlife

The following information on rabies has been provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources;

How to protect your family from rabies [PDF]

Rabies Q & A [PDF]

Bat Rabies [PDF]